Are you battling your body clock?

Or as I called it when I was writing my dissertation (the snappily titled ‘Neuronal Regulation of Sleep-Wake Cycles’), Circadian Rhythm

The science behind our body clock is much debated. Is the post lunch slump due a release of the sleep cycle hormone serotonin or caused by a protein-stimulated increase in cortisol levels?

For us, the science behind our body clock is irrelevant; knowing our own body clock is crucial. We should be working creativity when most energised, tackling routine tasks when at a lower ebb. Knowing our body clocks & planning our days around that knowledge can do wonders to how we maximise our time

How do we unlock that knowledge?

Keep a journal for a week or two to monitor how you are feeling throughout the day. Every couple of hours stop to assess your energy-levels, your creativity. How were you feeling over the last two hours; did you just create something fantastic or was it all a bit of a slog?

After a week or two, look for patterns. Are there common periods when you were really firing? Wherever you can, avoid routine tasks and meetings in these periods. Instead schedule time for creativity

Clever scheduling means we work quicker, get more done

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