How do value creativity?

How do value creativity? You don’t, your clients do

Creating perception of value is difficult. It starts with knowing the client. As an example, a hardware shop in my town (Baker W C & Son, Fleet). Every product they sell is conveniently available on the web, probably cheaper. Yet it is a stalwart of our #highstreet

Baker’s doesn’t sell products. You enter the shop with a problem, the staff listen to you & you leave with a solution; you just happen to be holding fork handles when you go (or even four candles!). They don’t compete with the internet; they provide a service you just can’t get on the web. To top it off the shop has an ambience based on yesteryear stores. They even wear overcoats. Blue, rather than Arkwright’s beige. Service & nostalgia is a winning combination

Like Arkwright, we too often try to base the value of what we sell on the money, energy & creativity we have invested. Clients don’t care about our investment. They care about what our products & services mean to them. Find a way to set yourself apart in the eyes of the client; an expert in a niche-niche, the human-touch that no amount of technology can compete with. Baker’s have achieved this for the cost of staff training & the price of a few overcoats

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