Pause & Reflect

Do you want to get better? Then pause and reflect

Back in my corporate days, I heard a presentation by a guest speaker on the value of reflection for growth and development. He could not understand why within companies reflection was so infrequent. Teams rarely get together more than once a week and individuals were generally not encouraged to self-reflect. In his world, his team would reflect on how things had gone after every training run, or about every 30 minutes. The guest speaker was Matthew Pinsent, 4-time Olympic gold medallist GB rower. He undoubtedly knows a thing-or-two about reaching the top of the game

So why is reflection so infrequent? Is it too close to self-criticism and finger pointing? Are the benefits difficult to exactly value?

Who knows? However, it’s important to understand what reflection gives us: recognition of the need for change, better decision-making (based on reality, not perception) and to see progress to name just a few benefits. A small investment of time that drives us forward, whereas doing the same things, the same way, holds us back

Schedule time to reflect in your calendar, and guard it. Don’t let your boss, your clients, your family take it from you. Having time to reflect will mean you have more time for all of them

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