Hate interruptions, avoid notifications

Our time is in short supply; uninterrupted blocks of time are crucial to our creativity and productivity. Why do so many of us automate interruptions in the form of notifications? Every app is pre-set so our devices regularly beep & vibrate

Are these notifications so bad: they are just tiny interruptions? That’s the point, notifications interrupt us. They halt our flow, break our chain of thought or, worse, distract us into investigating the source of the notification

A simple & effective way to maximise our precious time is to limit interruptions. Removing notifications is a great place to start. But what if a client needs to get hold of me or there’s a family emergency? I might miss that important meeting! Start small: permanently turn off notifications from apps which are not important for your business (e.g. interests, news). Be honest with yourself, are you using Twitter to monitor industry trends or keep up with the latest news from your interests? Mute non-business groups in messenger apps, create a family emergency group that isn’t muted. As for business apps, what do you really need to know right now?

Worried about missing that meeting? Set an alarm 😉

Enjoy the silence, watch your productivity and creativity soar!

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