Beat WFH Isolation

The media is filled with speculation of increased local restrictions and talk of another stay-at-home order. Home working is likely to continue for many, even increase for some. Many of us have benefited from the new world flexible working arrangements. For other others, this way of working comes with a very negative feeling: isolation

How do we beat WFH isolation?

Managers, check-in with your people. At the start and end of every day if you’re worried someone is feeling isolated. The means of the check-in is important, voice or video call not WhatsApp, Slack or email. At the start of the day help them with prioritisation, their schedule and encourage them to take breaks. At the end of the day, help them reflect on their day and ensure they stop working

For us, set and stick to routines. WFH isn’t a treat, don’t feel guilty and work longer hours. Arrange personal calls at lunchtime to help you take a break, meet a friend for a walk after work; it creates a natural end to the day. If you can do so safely, work where there are people: coffee shops, the park, explore coworking spaces with your employer. The sad irony of feelings of isolation is that many of us are feeling them. Use social media to find people in the same boat to meet, virtually if needs be

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