How We Erode Time

We all have our imperfections. But which of them are eating up our time, killing our creativity, destroying our productivity?

In this post, I outline the negative personality traits which erode our time. In subsequent posts I will discuss what we can do about each of them

So, what are these traits?

Firefighting: Everything is urgent, got to be done NOW! Constantly rushing around. If we treat everything like it’s a crisis then we don’t reflect, prioritise, work out what really needs our attention

Multitasking: Juggling everything at once, trying to jump from task-to-task and back again. But is this the only way to ‘get it all done’.? The outcome is usually incomplete work, mistakes, less achieved

Always saying ‘Yes’: Don’t know how to say ‘No’. Putting other’s priorities ahead of our own. We spend all our energy doing things for others. When it comes to our tasks, we’ve run out of time

Underestimation: It’ll only take a minute…two hours later. Most of us are optimists, making us prone to underestimation. The knock-on effect is that we are always playing catch-up, miss deadlines, get frazzled by our ever-increasing to-do list

Perfectionism: Aspiring to perfection seems like a valuable trait. Our clients get our most fabulous results. That drive for perfection, chasing the Utopian dream, means missed deadlines, unfinished tasks, unrealistic expectations, stress and, eventually, burn out

Procrastination: Seeking pressure of a deadline to get things done is one thing, leaving everything to the last minute is another. Pressure can be a motivator. Too much becomes stress and the negative spiral starts, mistakes, rework, stress, repeat

Controlling: By the time you’ve explained it you might as well have done it yourself. If you ask others you never quite get what you want. This belief means you end up doing everything yourself regardless of its importance or how good you are it.

Which of these traits do you recognise in yourself? To find out how to beat them and maximise your time, head to the next post, or click on the subscribe button below to get them sent directly to your inbox

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