The Problem with Being Perfect

Aspiring to be perfect seems like an admirable trait. Our clients get our most fabulous results, our creativity at its absolute best. Well, at least in theory. In reality, it plays havoc with our time management. We find ourselves head in hands, fighting rising stress levels and thinking ‘why can’t I just get this done?!’

Why We Aim to be Perfect

We aim to please our clients. Wanting to exceed our clients’ expectations can be a great way to get us to stand out from the crowd. Aiming for perfection can drive us forward, giving us the determination do more, be more creative, be more inspirational with our designs

Striving for Perfection Achieves Nothing but Failure

Clearly, we can’t be perfect. We can’t be the perfect designer, parent, partner, friend. Aiming for perfection is like chasing a Utopian dream, its impossible. We may have a fleeting moment of ‘perfection’, but that moment almost immediately becomes a yardstick, a standard by which we measure improvement

By striving for perfection, we set ourselves up for failure. And this results in continual disappointment, rising stress, a decline in our mental wellbeing and it can lead to burn out

There are pragmatic implications as well. We get lost in meaningless details, spend far more time on projects than is necessary, miss deadlines and ultimately let our clients down

Beating Perfection

Beating perfectionism is not easy for perfectionists, but it can be done:

1. Recognise your inner perfectionist and realise that perfectionism brings with it a whole heap of problems

2. Know what is important to you, professionally and as a loved one (click the ‘Follow’ button to ensure the ‘Goal Setting’ post comes straight to you)

3. When you feel yourself slipping into ‘this has to be better’ mode, stop and ask yourself: ‘Will making this better help me achieve what’s important?’ If the answer is ‘no’, stop

It’s that simple. That’s not to say it’s easy, but it can be done

Embrace Imperfection

Chasing a Utopian dream only leads us to a bad place. We can beat perfection if we follow some simple steps. Once we stop trying to be perfect, we can focus our energy on much more fulfilling aspirations: excellence, happiness

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