Immersed Isolation

Every coin has 2 sides

This photo was taken just after I’d finished my lake swim. Usually I take the photo before I get in but there isn’t enough light anymore. Lake swimming for me is an early morning activity. The later dawns as winter approaches is a signal that my hobby is soon going to end for the year. Lake swimming is my favourite hobby: physical exercise combined with mindfulness. Yes, achievable through other activities: running, walking and so on. Lake swimming has another element: being submerged in water, an escape from everything and everyone else. I call it my immersed isolation. And it’s what I’m going to miss. It’s feels ironic and wrong, given everything that’s happened this year, that I am going to miss being isolated

Isolation: The COVID Effect

For the last 6 months isolation for many has meant something very different. It’s meant loneliness, being cut off from loved ones, trapped in their homes with no one else to talk to, to touch. As COVID cases and social restrictions increase, so will feelings of isolation. Another 6 months of this will be dreaded by all. Horrific for those living alone, with 4 or more kids, older (and so often vulnerable) people starved of contact with grandchildren

More Than One Meaning

The more I thought about it, I realised that expecting to miss isolation wasn’t ironic or wrong. The word ‘isolation’, now so frequently used in relation to the global pandemic, has very negative connotations: loneliness, emptiness, being cut off. It can be easy to forget the word can also mean peace, tranquillity, time to oneself. So often we can hear a word, a phrase and quickly interpret it in a singular way, and forget there could be many subtleties and feelings behind what’s being said. Every coin has two sides, and we can all benefit from knowing what’s on each

One thing’s for sure, I bet we’re all looking forward to spring!

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