Miserable at Work?

Miserable at work, but can’t figure out why? You like your coworkers. Even your boss. The work is interesting. The hours aren’t crazy. And the pay is fine. Good even. Yet, you still dread Monday morning. But, you just can’t pinpoint what’s causing you to feel like this

What is Causing Us to Feel Like This?

Often the cause of our misery’s a clash between our company’s culture and what really matters to us. Working out if this is the case and, if so, where the clashes lie, is no easy feat

Company Culture

Companies often have a stated set of core values which are intended to embody its principles, beliefs and philosophy. These core values can often be in contrast to the norms and behaviours we see in the workplace. How often have we heard the company value ‘customer first’ (or similar) only to see a senior manager behave in a blatant self-interested way? And worse, that behaviour so often carries on unchecked

What Matters to Us

Many coaches will also use the phrase ‘core values’ to describe what matters to us deep down. Unfortunately, this description has been cheapened over time. By the use and abuse of company core values. That’s why at YourCoachApproach we use the term ‘motivators‘ instead. These motivators are fundamental to who we are. They’re our guiding principles. Unlike companies, we don’t choose them to portray a certain image. Our motivators are shaped by our experiences. Our upbringing. And our lives so far

Do We Know What’s Really Important to Us?

Ironically, what we stand for, our motivators, is often hidden from us. Our need for acceptance, to conform, means we can convince ourselves that our motivators are different from what actually matters to us, deep down. What we stand for is often easier identified when we respond in a way we shouldn’t. An angry or hostile reaction when our motivators are challenged. Or they’re betrayed when we’re outraged by others’ actions

The Importance of Motivators

In order to be happy we need to be true to ourselves. To be true to ourselves we need to know what’s important to us, deep down. Sometimes we need help to identify what our motivators are

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