Goals. For Normal People

Career goals, life goals, business goals. The phrase ‘goal’ can so often trigger images of self-proclaimed entrepreneurial success stories, of corporate ‘high-fliers’ who stop at nothing to climb the company hierarchy. Goals aren’t for normal people. Setting goals won’t help me, will it?

What is a Goal?

It’s something we want to achieve whatever and wherever that might be; in our career, in business, in life. Social media attempts to convince us that we should have singular, often financial, almost invariably unachievable, goals: millionaire by 30, 6-figure monthly revenue etc. What we want to achieve does not need to be so audacious. What we want to achieve isn’t about impressing others

Why We Need Goals

We achieve 4 things by having goals:

  1. Gives us direction; lose half a stone by Easter, get two new clients by Christmas
  2. Keeps us on track: that chocolate cake looks great, but I won’t. Time to stop surfing the web and think about my opening pitch
  3. Describes our destination: I now weigh 12st 10lbs (I wish!), just signed my 10th client
  4. Awareness of our success: That moment we realise we’ve accomplished what we set out to achieve, it’s fantastic! It spurs us on as we set off towards the next destination
What to Consider When Setting Our Goals

It is easy to get lost in the goal setting process. To lose sight of where we want to go as we try to tick off every letter in SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Framed). There are 2 overriding elements of goals, without which our goal is meaningless:

  1. They must matter to us (regardless of what others may think)
  2. They fill us with pride when we achieve them

My overriding goals for YourCoachApproach:

  1. To build something I care about around the people I care about (my business and my family)
  2. To do something I love, working with people I like
Goals Are For Normal People

I have no aspirations to be a high-flying internet sensation, or to hit heady corporate heights. Like you, I’m normal. But I still have goals. If I achieve the goals I’ve set out for YourCoachApproach, I will be very proud. And that’s what matters most

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