How To Be Happy

This week’s series of posts from YourCoachApproach is inspired by this weekend’s World Mental Health Day. To help us recognise that it’s crucial that we concentrate on looking after ourselves

Aspire To Be Happy

Happiness is a worthwhile aspiration for all us. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy? Sometimes, happiness came feel like an improbable dream. This is especially true at the moment. Life seems to be getting even more uncertain, following on from an already bewildering 6 months for all us. Every aspect of the media is bombarding us with stories of doom and gloom, more pain to come

How We Can Make Happiness Happen

We may feel like that is little we can do about the hand we are dealt. Although, we may have little sway over what comes our way, we are in control of how we respond to it all. We might not always realise it, but we have a huge influence over our own wellbeing, how we feel, if we’re happy

What’s Coming

YourCoachApproach is dedicating this week to our happiness, how we can achieve it. Our posts over the course of this week provide simple, effective, pragmatic advice to help us all achieve happiness. What we have to look forward to:

  • Perception filters. We influence what we see. Even more so, what we remember. Choosing to see, to remember, the good around us, is amazing for our wellbeing
  • Stop for a moment. It’s so easy to feel like we’re in a whirlpool when so much comes at us at once. Getting off the hamster wheel helps us find perspective
  • WFH boundaries. Ensuring we find separation between work and home, even when they’re the same place. Practicalities can support our journey to happiness too
  • Relax our minds. For muscles to grow, they need work followed by care and rest. Our minds are no different. How do we get our minds to relax?
Our Happiness Is In Our Hands

We have more influence over our wellbeing, our happiness than we may first realise. Doing what we can to make ourselves happy can make a huge difference

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