See Beauty. Feel Great

Perception of Beauty

Sometimes it feels like bad news, after bad news, after bad news. Nothing good seems to be happening anymore. All this misery, all this uncertainty. All this worry affects our mood, our motivation, our happiness. But is it a true reflection of what’s actually happening? Or does it just feel like it’s all doom and gloom?

Our Perception

Good and bad happens everywhere. All the time. Sure, the ratios can change. But neither completely disappears. Our mood influences how we see the world. If we’re sad, we perceive the world to be bleak. If we’re happy, our perception is that life on Earth is great

Change Our Perception, Change Our Mood

I took the photo above after breakfast one Sunday morning. I’d taken our kids out for a scoot to burn the energy out of them before the journey home. My thoughts were on the 4-hour plus trip. How the kids would likely play up. Packing the car so we’re ready to go. Then I saw the spider’s web, glistening with dew in the morning’s sun. I saw beauty. I felt uplifted. Happy

My world hadn’t suddenly changed because the spider’s web was in it. But how I perceived my world had. My mood changed because I noticed the beauty in it. Not the drudgery. Importantly, this change in perception doesn’t have to be an accident. We can change our perception

Do this one easy thing. Each morning promise yourself this: today I will see three beautiful things. At the end of the day, write down what you’ve seen. Do the same the next day, and the next. By looking for beauty, we notice beauty. And our mood reflects the beauty we’ve seen

Look For The Good

We mightn’t be able to control what happens. But we can influence how we perceive the world. Look for good. See good. Feel good. When we feel good, we see more good. It’s a great cycle!

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