4 Steps to Solve Business Problems for Good

Workplace Interior Designers, solve a problem that keeps coming back

Interior Designers solve problems everyday. Whether it be a full architectural refurb, aligning clients wishes with budget constraints and often all the while working to tight deadlines. Yet when it comes to running and growing your Interior Design Practice too often we think we solve business problems, but they just keep coming back. Every time we think we solve a problem, bang, there it is again. But are we solving the problems, or just dealing with the consequences? Chances are, if we don’t take time to think about the problem, we’ll end up treating the symptoms, not the cause.

Why Do Problems Keep Coming Back?

It’s stating the obvious, but it’s because we don’t solve them. We’re getting on with them. Working around them. Coping with the trouble they cause. Applying an Elastoplast. But applying an Elastoplast doesn’t stop us hurting ourselves. Yet, it’s the solution we seem to choose. It’s the solution we want to jump to.

Why We Jump to Solutions

It’s easy to see how we get ourselves into this situation. We’re busy, pushed to deliver to clients, for our boss. Get the problem out of the way. Quick! On to the next thing. And then repeat. But taking this approach drains our energy, our motivation. Our creativity ebbs away. It just isn’t fun.

Problem Solving is a Process

Like design, problem solving is a process. There’re 1000s of techniques available to solve problems. They’re often very similar; nuances on a common theme. And frequently, much too complicated. In the same way design problems may have a myriad of solutions the actual process often relies on a few simple steps. And when to comes to resolving issues in your design business all you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps :

  1. Understand the problem. Ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Over, and over. Why do I keep delivering late. Because I don’t have enough time. Why don’t I have enough time? Because I keep taking on too much. Why do I keep taking on too much? And so on
  2. Consider your options: Once you’ve understood the problem, think about possible solutions. Don’t choose one yet! Mull them over, chat them through with others. Ensure your options tackle the problem you’ve identified. If not, go back to step 1
  3. Choose your solution. The one that tackles your problem, solves it, in the best way. The best way might be the cheapest, the quickest, the easiest. Or it might be the hardest. Choose the solution that stops your problem coming back
  4. Keep an eye on what you’ve done. Has the problem fully gone away? If not, why not? Have you stuck to your solution? Do you need to think about another solution, or tweak the one you’ve put in place?
Solve Business Problems For Good

Sadly, there are no short cuts to problem solving. But by following the steps above you can understand the habits and behaviour’s that cause the same problems to recur and finally help stop them for good.

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Do You Want to Generate More Sales and help your UK interior design business succeed?

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