Unlock Our Motivation

How to unlock our motivation. Followed these simple, structured ways

Coming into winter it can be tough to keep our spirits up in ordinary times. More so in Winter 2020, as COVID19 remains very prevalent. Will we return to normal in the spring? What will ‘normal’ look like? Despite the backdrop, we should find ways to keep driving forward. This week’s series of posts discusses what we can do to unlock our motivation

How We Unlock Our Motivation

There are, of course, many ways to find motivation, to give us a lift. But with advice coming from all angles it can sometimes seem hard to know how to move forward. Here at YourCoachApproach we like to break things down into simple, structured ways:

  • Pause and Reflect
  • Set Goals
  • Take a Break
Pause and Reflect

When it feels like it’s all coming at us at once. And we start to feel overwhelmed. This is when we need to step off the hamster wheel for a few moments. Take time to consider where we are. Work out what’s really going on

Set Goals

Put simply a goal is something we want to achieve. Whether it’s in our career, in business, in life. But, goals aren’t just for corporate high-fliers, self-proclaimed social media sensations. They’re for normal people too

Take a Break

It’s really easy to neglect ourselves; focus on work, on our business, on our clients. However, it can be to our own detriment. Especially now, we feel we can’t miss an opportunity. As a result, we’ve got to keep working. hard. To just keep slogging won’t motivate us. More importantly, it’s not sustainable

How We Unlock Our Motivation

To sum up, we can get through the uncertain times. And be inspired to forge on by finding our motivation in a simple, structured way. This week’s series of posts show us how to do just that. Unlock our motivation by pausing to reflect, setting goals and by giving ourselves a break

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