Pause and Reflect

Write a journal to create a reason to pause and reflect

Sometimes it feels it’s all coming at us at once. Consequently, we start to feel overwhelmed. This is when we need to step off the hamster wheel for a few moments. In other words, pause and reflect. By doing this we take time to consider where we are. As a result, we work out what’s really going on

Easier Said Than Done

We’re all juggling so many things; work, family, friends, life. What we need to do is slow down, stop to take a breath, take a step back. Easy, right? Well, much easier said than done! However, it can be done. By doing an activity that creates some breathing space in our hectic lives. A reason why we have to pause and reflect

How to Create Breathing Space

By writing a journal we can create that breathing space, that reason to pause and reflect. It’s a mainstay of coaches, mentors, counsellors everywhere. Because it’s a tool that really works. Yet, it’s often met with resistance. Maybe because we lack confidence in our creative writing. Perhaps we’ve dim memories of Adrian Mole’s adolescent frailties and fantasies being embarrassingly exposed. Or maybe we just don’t have the time

Why Writing a Journal Works

Writing a journal creates breathing space because:

  • They create a break, a few minutes, everyday, where we step off the hamster wheel
  • Thoughts whizz through our mind much quicker than we can write (or type). The mere act of getting the words down slows down our thoughts
  • It gives us chance to vent. An opportunity to get it all off our chest
  • We can look back on what’s happened. Therefore, we see what we’ve dealt with, how we’ve dealt with it. Similarly, we see we’ve done it once, and we can do it again. We’ve learnt from the experience. And we’ll do it better next time
How to Get Started

Start small, see where your journal journey takes you. Here’s how to begin:

  • Chose your journal: paper; a simple notebook, customised diary. Likewise, digital; basic note taking tool that comes as standard with your device, a bespoke app
  • Block out 5 minutes a day to fill out your journal. This is important; it creates the break. Choose a time and stick to it. For those working from home, it’s a great way to create a boundary between home and the ‘office’
  • Write down what’s happened in the day. How you felt about it. Most importantly, how you managed it. Don’t think too much, get it down; abbreviations, scribbles are great
  • Block out 10 minutes at the start or end of the week. Go though the last few entries. What have you overcome? What have you learned? Write down these realisations. Move into the next week stronger, calmer, ready to face the next challenge
Start a Journal to Pause and Reflect

When its all coming at us a once. Above all, when we start to feel overwhelmed. This is the time to stop and take a breath. Take stock of where we are and what’s going on. By writing a journal we create that break in our daily lives. We create a reason why we pause and reflect

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