Set Goals

Set Goals. To know our direction, our destination. To keep us on track. To show what success looks like

We set goals so we can achieve something. Whether it’s in our career, in business, in life. Goals are more tangible than our hopes and dreams. If we don’t like the word ‘goal’, we can replace it with many others. For instance, ‘aim’, ‘aspiration’, ‘purpose’, ‘objective’, ‘intention‘. Regardless of the word used, they provide us with direction, a destination. They keep us on track when the going gets tough. They show us what success looks like

Why It’s Hard to Set Goals

The word goal can often trigger a collective groan. It’s inclusion in corporate lingo makes us cringe. Similarly, it’s become common in the language of selfproclaimed social media sensations. Moreover, goals define success. Therefore, they also define failure. And no one wants to fail. So, it’s better to not set goals. And that way we can’t fail. On the other hand, without them we struggle to succeed

Why Goals Help Us Succeed

Goals, or whatever we’d like to call them, set out our direction, our destination. As a result, they keep us on track. Most importantly, they help us recognise our successes. For instance:

  1. Give us direction; lose weight, increase my client base
  2. Describes our destination: Weigh 12st 10lbs by Christmas. 10 clients by half-term
  3. Keeps us on track: that chocolate cake looks great, but I won’t. Time to stop surfing the web and think about my opening pitch
  4. Awareness of our success: That moment we realise we’ve accomplished what we set out to achieve. It’s fantastic! It spurs us on as we set off towards the next destination
How to Define What We Want to Achieve

What we want to achieve does not need to be audacious. What we want to achieve isn’t about impressing others. There are two critical considerations when defining what we want to achieve:

  1. It must matter to us (regardless of what others may think)
  2. It fills us with pride when we achieve it
The Goal is Important, Not the Process by Which it’s Set

It is easy to get lost in the goal setting process. To lose sight of what we want to achieve as we try to tick off every letter in SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Framed). If it doesn’t matter to us. If it won’t fill us with pride. Then the goal setting process becomes meaningless

Set Out What You Want To Achieve

If the word ‘goal’ makes you cringe, then choose another. By setting out what you want to achieve you give yourself a direction, a destination. You keep yourself on track. Your notice your successes. Achieve something that matters to you. And make yourself proud

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