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Changing what isn’t working is crucial for interior design business success. But before we can make changes, we need to know the harsh truth. Who’ll tell us the harsh truth? Our loved ones might be reluctant to do so. Instead, they may tell us what we want to hear. To protect our feelings. So, what we need to hear may have to come from someone else. People who’re more concerned with our business success, than our personal feelings

The Story of Purple

My colour scheme when I launched YourCoachApproach was purple. Why? Because it’s my favourite colour. I showed my colour scheme and branding to friends and family. They suitably ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’. My bias for purple confirmed, I forged ahead. But then I met a graphic and web designer. To summarise our chat, ‘Purple is a really difficult colour psychologically’. Uh oh…..

When I relayed my chat to friends and family, they no longer ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’. Instead, I heard, ‘I didn’t want to say’, ‘I was trying to be polite‘, ‘I wasn’t sure about purple’. They weren’t doing anything wrong. They were looking after me. Because they care about me. However, a professional told me what I needed to know. The harsh truth

The Power of a Professional Point of View

Obviously, not everything a professional says will be right and true. Nor is every personal opinion wrong and false. But when it comes to business, a professional view will tend be more reliable:

  • We’re accountable for the advice we give. A tax adviser that stands back and allows you to unwittingly commit tax evasion could be legally liable. Similarly, a graphic designer who doesn’t raise concerns about your colour scheme runs the risk of being later exposed. And losing your business
  • Secondly, we’re more likely to hold you accountable. Through business coaching I help clients achieve their goals. One way I do this is to explore the reasons why they’ve deviated from their strategy. Or why they’ve avoided taking agreed action
  • Also, we’re experts. And not just in our specialist fields: tax advice, graphic design, business coaching. Through training and experience we’ve learnt how to deliver the harsh truth. And we’re able to support you positively adapt to the hard-to-hear news. This means we’re more likely to say what you don’t want to hear. And help you deal with it
  • Unlike your loved ones, we’re less likely to have an emotional investment in you. In that respect, we’ve less to lose. We won’t necessarily get upset because we’ve told you something upsetting. This gives us more freedom to share the harsh truth
For Honest Opinion, Turn to Honest Professionals

Someone you’ve a professional link with is more likely to share the harsh truth than loved ones. Because we’re accountable for the advice we give. And we may hold you accountable. Not only that, we’re experts. We’ve learnt how to deliver bad news. Moreover, we’ve less to lose if you get angry with us when we share the harsh truth. And the harsh truth is exactly what you NEED to hear so you can achieve interior design business success

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YourCoachApproach is a business coach for the interior design industry. Do you want to take your interior design practice in a new direction? Does your career in corporate design leave you feeling unfulfilled? Or does the idea of working for someone else just not appeal? Take the first step. Take a look at our Accountability Partner Package. And find out what business coaching can do for you

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