Why UK Interior Designers Need Business Goals to Grow

Image of watering can watering a design studio with targets to illustrate why UK interior designers needs business goals to grow

UK Interior Designers need business goals to grow. Of course, this statement doesn’t just apply to the interior architecture and design industry. Business coaches, mentors, and consultants up and down the UK say it. So why do we keep repeating ourselves? Because it’s true. More than that, many of us fail to set goals. Instead, we choose to settle for the same business outcome as last year. Or even worse, slowly shrinking income.

You Won’t Grow Your Interior Design Company If It’s in a Rut

It’s easy for you and your business to get in a rut. Then find yourself unable to get out of it. As you become absorbed by the daily running of an interior design studio. For example, get that quote out to a new client. Finish that project’s concept design presentation. Before you know it, you look up to find that you’re in exactly the same place as last year. With a business that hasn’t grown. Despite all the hard work you’ve put in.

Picture of a creative studio stuck in a rut to illustrate that design companies won’t progress if they don’t have clear aims

Why do so few interior designers set business goals? Even those who want to grow their business. One reason is the people who make it out to be a very arduous task. When it really doesn’t need to be.

Setting Goals for Your Interior Design Business Doesn’t Need to be Hard Work

It really doesn’t have to be a difficult task to set targets for your interior design company. Despite the many statements to the contrary. For instance, even the briefest of Google searches will leave you wading through long-winded guides about SMART goals. For those that haven’t had the pleasure:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-framed

The idea behind SMART goals is sound. That’s to say, clear-cut targets that you can hit. But once again, people who want to sell us stuff we don’t need have made setting goals overly complicated.

Image of missed targets and an angry interior designer to illustrate that SMART goals can over complicate doing more with your business
Set Goals the Easy Way

Set goals the easy way. By using the analogy of a journey. Our goal is to get to a place by a time. Or put another way, where and when. To use an everyday example: “Get to the supermarket by 10am”. Where? The supermarket. And when? By 10am. Simple.

Now to introduce another question. One that the SMART acronym doesn’t deal with. Why? Yes, we need to eat, buy loo roll. But we can do this anytime without the constraint of a deadline. The why is our motivation. In this case, ‘So I have time to meet Abigail for a coffee’.

The last question we need to ask ourselves is, ‘Is it possible?’. Clearly, if the supermarket is 15 minutes away and it’s 9:58am, the answer will be ‘no’. Equally, if you’re dropping the kids off at a party at 930am around the corner from the supermarket, the answer is ‘Yes’. The answer to ‘Is it possible?’ emerges when we think ‘how’ we’re going to achieve the goal.

And there we have it. By asking four simple questions, we can set a goal in a straight-forward way. Where? When? Why? Is it possible?

Images of a arrows in the centre of a target and a tick mark to show that setting goals can be a straight-forward task for UK interior designers
Simple Business Goal Setting for Interior Designers

Setting targets for your interior design business can be just as straight-forward. By expressing a need or want, or a solution to a problem, as a destination with an intended arrival time. Then create the motivation to achieve it by asking ‘why?’. To use a real example, spend less time on the administrative side of your interior design business. An interior designer could express this goal as:

“Reduce time spent on client quotes by half (where) by the end of September (when). So that I can spend more time with my family, instead of working at the weekends (why).”

Image of two targets either side of an interior design studio to illustrate the important of goals for business growth

The answer to ‘Is it possible?’ comes from the how. For instance, every time a potential new project comes in, do you start the quote from scratch? If so, you could create a Google Doc template that captures the elements you repeat over and over. Thus, if you can come up with ideas, or have someone assist you to come up with ideas, which help you get where you want to go, then it’s likely to be possible. If no ideas are forthcoming, then it’s not likely to be possible.

To Come Back to Our Original Question

Why do UK interior designers need business goals to grow? Because if we don’t set our own direction, we’ll drift wherever the winds take us. More often than not, it’s the turbulence of our daily lives that creates these winds. And without a deadline, we can fall into the trap of thinking, “I’ll do that soon”. Before long, ‘soon’ turns into ‘never’.

Setting Goals for Your Interior Design Business Doesn’t Need to be Hard. But Achieving Them Might Be

Hitting your interior design firm’s goals can be hard. For a couple of reasons. Firstly, they often involve activities that take us outside the natural realm of interior designers. Namely, marketing, sales, business process re-engineering. This means these activities might be daunting. Secondly, the process of achieving our goals can be really very boring. To take an already used example, document a new way of producing quotes for potential clients. I’m yet to meet an interior designer who’s inspired by Google Docs. Or Microsoft Excel.

Image of a UK interior designer pushing her studio up a hill to illustrate that it can be hard to achieve what we want for our company

Hence, the importance of knowing what’s motivating us to achieve our goal. The ‘Why?’. So, that we have something to focus on when it gets tough, daunting, or boring. And the motivation to achieve a goal is something that SMART targets leave out. To come back to our earlier example, ‘why am I grinding away to write this quote process document?  So that I can spend more time with my family, instead of working at the weekends’. That’s why!

UK Interior Designers Need Business Goals to Grow

Put simply, without goals for our studio, the day-to-day business activities will push our interior design company in every which direction. Never reaching a destination. And not growing. As such, don’t let those that make a meal out of goal setting put you off. Instead, take a straight-forward approach. Then channel your energy into achieving more with your UK interior design business.

In addition, we’ve tackled the question, ‘how UK interior designers can achieve their business goals.’. This is by deciding upon a destination we can get to, by the time we need to be there. But most importantly, it’s by reminding ourselves why we have these aims. As for those overcomplicated target setting guides. Do the SMART thing. And ignore them! 😉

Do You Know What’s Next for Your Interior Design Company?

An UK interior design business owner’ journey follows a typical path. Launch their company and see it become a success. Then, a few years on, think, ‘what next?’. And ‘What next’ could be a desire to do even more. Or ‘what next’ could also be that the first successes have run out, and something needs to change.

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