Should UK Interior Designers Write Blogs?

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Should UK interior designers write blogs? Despite the statements to the contrary, not necessarily. Like almost everything, the answer depends on what you want to get from them. And there are various results you want to achieve. Not least those listed by digital marketing experts, HubSpot: website traffic, social media posts, generate leads, establish authority, and backlinks.

HubSpot’s reasons are, of course, correct. But for me, they’re secondary considerations for writing an interior design blog. Important certainly, but secondary. The overriding reason UK interior designers should blog is to attract new interior design clients. And getting more website traffic or establishing authority are answers to another question. How can I use blogs to get new clients?

Read on to discover how. Alternatively, get in touch for expert UK interior design business advice.

Do You Need to Write an Interior Design Blog to Get New Clients?

Can you depend on referrals or word of mouth to generate enough new leads to maintain and grow your business? Then no. That’s not to say, blogging won’t help. Instead, your lead generation and sales process doesn’t need to rely on blogging.

If internet search engines highly rank your website (that’s to say, on the top half of page 1 of Google search results) and you haven’t been regularly blogging, then there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s down to whether you want to use blogs to establish yourself as an expert. Or enhance the quality of your website visitors’ experience. And we’ll come back to this.

If you rely on your website to generate leads, and it’s not ranked highly by search engines, or you’ve already been regularly blogging, then probably yes.

Finally, what if you don’t have a website? Surely you don’t need to spend time writing interior design blogs! Actually, the answer isn’t a clear no. Because you can write blogs (or articles, or pieces, call them what you will) for others. And it can be a remarkably effective way to find new clients.

The dos and don’ts of an interior design blog writing is next month’s topic. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Interior Design Blogs Generate Sales

Regardless of whether other marketing channels bring you sufficient leads, writing and publishing interior design blogs can generate sales. Blogs can generate sales in different ways. For instance, drive traffic to your website, or increase authority and enhance your website visitor experience.

How interior design blogs generate sales affects how you need to write them. Moreover, how frequently you need to publish them. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how interior design blogs can generate sales.

Image of an interior design blog on a computer screen and a magnet drawing clients towards it to illustrate that UK interior designers can generate sales if they write blogs.
Create Blogs to Increase Your Authority as an Interior Designer

Or enhance your website visitor experience. The good news is that these blogs are easier to write than those that drive traffic to your website. Because you don’t need to consider SEO topics such as keywords and on-page optimisation. Even better news, you only need to write about 3 or 4 a year. A mixture of informative guides (‘The Benefits of an Interior Designer’, ‘The Interior Design Process’) and topical subjects. For instance, a design trend that particularly interests you.

Otherwise, putting together a blog like this is remarkably like writing a blog to drive traffic to your website. That’s to say, it needs to be well-written, chatty, engaging, and visually pleasing.

Find out how expert UK interior design advice can help increase your authority as an interior designer.

Blogging to Drive Traffic to Your Interior Design Website

The first difference to the previous type of blog is frequency of publication. But that doesn’t mean you should become a slave to a blog schedule. Instead, aim to publish every 3-4 weeks ideally. Monthly as a minimum.

The next difference is to ensure people surfing the web find it. But the people you want to find your blog extend beyond potential clients. It includes those likely to post a link to your blog on their website. It’s called backlinking. And it’s Google ranking gold dust!

And the key to people finding your blog on the web is answering the questions they have. So, use blog titles such as ‘Should I Use Bold Wallpaper in My Living Room?’ or ‘What is Japandi Style?’ Find out how to create a marketing strategy that helps drive traffic to your interior design website.

Alternative Ways to Publish UK Interior Design Journals

If you use LinkedIn as a marketing channel, LinkedIn articles can be more effective than online journals to attract new projects. Because there’s a sense of safety with LinkedIn that a user doesn’t necessarily feel when clicking on an unknown website’s link. This could mean more people read your journal post (or article). And hear your message.

Or even ask others to publish your interior design journals. Those whose websites rank highly on Google. One of my clients landed her first project because the Evening Standard published her interior design journal. But to get others to publish your work, you still need to write engaging interior design journals. Or have a copy writer do it for you. So, why not check out a different approach to interior design business marketing.

Image of interior design journal, LinkedIn logo, magazines, and newspapers to illustrate that it can be effective for others to publish your interior design journals
Should You Write Interior Design Blogs Yourself?

If you can afford not to, then no. And good copy writers aren’t a fortune. But the reasons why you should outsource your blogging go beyond cost. Copy writers are better at blogging than interior designers. This means they’re faster and more effective at producing interior design blogs. Find out how we help interior designers create blog strategies.

Image of typewriter being used to write creative digital journals to illustrate that copy writers, not UK Interior Designers, can write better blogs
Should UK Interior Designers Write Blogs?

Should UK Interior Designers Write Blogs? Not necessarily, but most will benefit from doing so. Because blogs generate sales for UK interior designers. By establishing you as an interior design expert, enhancing website visitor experience, or boosting your site up search engine rankings.

But this doesn’t mean you should be a slave to your blog schedule. In fact, I recommend outsourcing the job to a copy writer as soon as you can.

Do You Want to Use Blogs as Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

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