Business Coaching for Interior Designers

What To Expect From Business Coaching for Interior Designers

There’s a wide variety of advice available to help you achieve interior designer business success. Namely, services provided by mentors, counsellors, consultants and coaches. The service that’s right for you depends upon your current circumstances. The challenges you face. What you want to achieve. Where you want to go next

The right advice at the right time is crucial. On the other hand, the wrong advice is more than just a waste of money. Regardless, how good the adviser is. You won’t be able to move forward in the right direction. As a result, your frustrations will increase. More importantly, the solutions you desperately seek will remain elusive

Coaches, Mentors, Counsellors and Consultants

It can be difficult to tell the difference between coaches, mentors, counsellors and consultants. To confuse it further, many operate in more than one field of advice. At YourCoachApproach, we keep things simple. And this applies to our definition of each type of adviser:

  • Coaching: Provides a framework to develop yourself. Focuses on the ‘here-and-now. And enables you to achieve what you want from life, your career, business etc
  • Mentor: Often an expert in your field. Provide specific advice from their experience. And can act as a sponsor. For instance, promote you within their networks
  • Counselling: Provides psychological therapy to help provide relief from or to come to terms with a previous, painful event
  • Consultancy: Provides expertise to develop a company and provides training of skills for immediate results. They mostly focus on the company, not the individuals within it
Types of Coaching

Some coaches offer only coaching services. Other coaches provide coaching and mentoring, counselling or consultancy. This presents a challenge, and an opportunity when looking for a coach. The right coach for you depends on what you need:

  • A life coach will support you to get to where you want to be. For instance, improve your self-esteem. Some life coaches will specialise in specific areas, such as relationship/family coaching. Or on specific groups, for example, working mums
  • You want to better your life but suspect some past pain is holding you back. In this case, consider a coach with a counselling background. A coach with counselling skills will highlight their relevant qualifications in their profile or on their website
  • Some life coaches specialise because they have complementary skills and experiences from outside coaching. Examples include finance coach, career coach, health and wellness coach, and spiritual coach. Business coaches are another example
  • Business coaching is for business owners. Or those considering striking out on their own. They help business owners align business and personal aspirations. Due to their own business expertise, they’re often also mentors and business consultants
What You Can Expect from YourCoachApproach

YourCoachApproach provides business coaching for interior designers in the UK. That’s to say, I provide business coaching to interior designers who own, or want to own, a practice. YourCoachApproach has extensive corporate and business experience. Therefore, we provide supplementary business mentoring and business consulting expertise

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