De-bunking the ‘Be Everywhere’ Social Media Myth

Many interior designers find themselves understandably confused by conflicting advice when it comes to which social media platforms they should be on. Should they ‘be everywhere, all the time’, to try to capture all the potential clients’ attention, or should they stick to only the ‘best’ platform? Which one is ‘best’ to be on? ManyContinue reading “De-bunking the ‘Be Everywhere’ Social Media Myth”

The Big Issue Facing Interior Designers

Sustainability is a high priority right now. Whether this is down to David Attenborough or Greta Thunberg, we are all paying a lot more attention to the world’s fragile resources and how we use them. Did you know that the construction sector is the second biggest user of plastic after the packaging industry? And thatContinue reading “The Big Issue Facing Interior Designers”