Got It All Under Control?

By the time you’ve explained it you might as well have done it yourself. If you ask others you never quite get what you want. This belief means you end up doing everything yourself, regardless of its importance or how good you are it. Does this sound like you? Then you’ll know that your time management is out of control. And it’s time for a change

For interior designers life’s busy: work, business, friends, family, life admin, let alone time for ourselves. With so much to do life seems like an endless to-do list. Getting to the bottom of it everyday becomes a challenge in itself. We concentrate on ticking the boxes and stop investing. Stop investing in ourselves, our business, our work, our friends and family, our lives. We feel frazzled at best, often stressed. Burnout is a very real possibility

Get on With It!

Get on With It!

We know it needs doing. Yet, we sit and stare at our screens, unable to get started. As the deadline looms, the pressure builds. Finally, when we realise we might not get it done in time, we suddenly get going. Panic and impatience being to kick in, we start to rush, feelings of stress are not far behind. By now we’re in a time management spiral.

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Stop Multitasking!

Despite popular belief, multitasking more often hinders us than helps us in our busy lives. Beyond mindless activities, simultaneously attempting two or more tasks, that need our attention, results in longer completion times and higher error rates. How often have you typed what you wanted to say, or said what you wanted to type when talking on the phone whilst penning an email?

Always Saying Yes?

As interior designers we want to help. We don’t like to say ‘no’

Sometimes we don’t seem to be able to say ‘No’. Putting other people’s priorities ahead of our own. We put all our efforts into doing things for others, drowning in the work we feel we’ve committed to. When it comes to our own tasks, we’ve run out of time, or worse, we’re frazzled and exhausted. Not being able to say ‘no’ destroys our time management, our productivity, our creativity

It’ll Only Take a Minute….

It’ll Only Take a Minute….two hours later we’re still at it. It’s experienced by almost all us, all too often. It stems from our natural human tendency to be optimistic. This trait has no doubt given us great evolutionary advantages over the centuries. When it comes to time management, underestimation can be catastrophic: project delays, unhappy clients, stifled creativity, long hours, stress

Dashing from Crisis to Crisis?

As Interior Designers there just isn’t enough time to do it all. The problems keep coming. You’re doing just enough to keep the plates spinning. When in a constant whirlpool of problems we get sucked into treating the symptoms. There’s no time identify and tackle the underlying cause. We’re doing little other than firefighting

The Problem with Being Perfect

Aspiring to be perfect seems like an admirable trait. Our clients get our most fabulous results, our creativity at its absolute best. Well, at least in theory. In reality, it plays havoc with our time management. We find ourselves head in hands, fighting rising stress levels and thinking ‘why can’t I just get this done?!’