How We Erode Time

We all have our imperfections. But which of them are eating up our time, killing our creativity, destroying our productivity? In this post, I outline the negative personality traits which erode our time. In subsequent posts I will discuss what we can do about each of them So, what are these traits? Firefighting: Everything isContinue reading “How We Erode Time”

Beat WFH Isolation

The media is filled with speculation of increased local restrictions and talk of another stay-at-home order. Home working is likely to continue for many, even increase for some. Many of us have benefited from the new world flexible working arrangements. For other others, this way of working comes with a very negative feeling: isolation HowContinue reading “Beat WFH Isolation”

Multitasking: necessity or hindrance?

Multitasking more often hinders us in our busy lives. Beyond mindless activities, simultaneously attempting 2+ tasks, that need our attention, results in longer completion times & higher error rates. How often have you typed what you wanted to say, or said what you wanted to type when talking on the phone whilst penning an email?Continue reading “Multitasking: necessity or hindrance?”

Are you battling your body clock?

Or as I called it when I was writing my dissertation (the snappily titled ‘Neuronal Regulation of Sleep-Wake Cycles’), Circadian Rhythm The science behind our body clock is much debated. Is the post lunch slump due a release of the sleep cycle hormone serotonin or caused by a protein-stimulated increase in cortisol levels? For us,Continue reading “Are you battling your body clock?”