The Right Distractions

As workplace designers the end of the week, it can be tempting to look at the next couple of days as a chance to catch up on work. To get those things done we kept pushing aside as our workload rose, our clients, our boss asked for more. Don’t submit to temptation. Distract yourself, become completely absorbed in something other than work. Come back next week re-energised, reinvigorated, more productive, more creative

Take a Step Back

For workplace interior designers there’s so much to do, so much bad news, it’s easy for our heads to spin. And a spinning head is no help we we’re already in a tough situation. It becomes harder and harder to concentrate, we make more mistakes, we lose perspective, anger and panic starts to rise. And then comes stress. The great news is it just takes just one step to slow our racing minds and get hold of it all again; start a journal

Work / Home Boundaries

It’s an irony, but for many in workplace design heading into the office is no longer an option. We need to find new ways of separating work from home. We need to create a new routine to protect our creativity, our productivity, our wellbeing, our health. There are many things we can do to help us stick to our new found routine

Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

What matters to us deep down, what’s fundamental to who we are? Many coaches use the term ‘core values’ to describe these drivers. At YourCoachApproach we use the term ‘motivators’ instead

If we don’t act in a way that is true to ourselves, then we are likely to be in conflict, unhappy, unfulfilled. Despite this, so often what we truly stand for, our motivators, is hidden from us

Miserable at Work?

Those who joined the interior design profession did so to express their creative passion. Yet, so many are unfulfilled and miserable at work. Why?

Often the cause of our misery is a clash between our company’s culture and core values and what really matters to us

Got It All Under Control?

By the time you’ve explained it you might as well have done it yourself. If you ask others you never quite get what you want. This belief means you end up doing everything yourself, regardless of its importance or how good you are it. Does this sound like you? Then you’ll know that your time management is out of control. And it’s time for a change

For interior designers life’s busy: work, business, friends, family, life admin, let alone time for ourselves. With so much to do life seems like an endless to-do list. Getting to the bottom of it everyday becomes a challenge in itself. We concentrate on ticking the boxes and stop investing. Stop investing in ourselves, our business, our work, our friends and family, our lives. We feel frazzled at best, often stressed. Burnout is a very real possibility