How do value creativity?

How do value creativity? You don’t, your clients do Creating perception of value is difficult. It starts with knowing the client. As an example, a hardware shop in my town (Baker W C & Son, Fleet). Every product they sell is conveniently available on the web, probably cheaper. Yet it is a stalwart of ourContinue reading “How do value creativity?”

Multitasking: necessity or hindrance?

Multitasking more often hinders us in our busy lives. Beyond mindless activities, simultaneously attempting 2+ tasks, that need our attention, results in longer completion times & higher error rates. How often have you typed what you wanted to say, or said what you wanted to type when talking on the phone whilst penning an email?Continue reading “Multitasking: necessity or hindrance?”

Are you battling your body clock?

Or as I called it when I was writing my dissertation (the snappily titled ‘Neuronal Regulation of Sleep-Wake Cycles’), Circadian Rhythm The science behind our body clock is much debated. Is the post lunch slump due a release of the sleep cycle hormone serotonin or caused by a protein-stimulated increase in cortisol levels? For us,Continue reading “Are you battling your body clock?”

Win More Interior Design Clients: Talk their Language

To win more interior design clients, talk their language. Not yours Do you know what: You’ve been diagnosed with Ottis Media It’s a Blattella Germancia infestation The dish of the day is Lophius Piscatorius mean? If you do, you’ll be in the minority (the translations are at the end of the post). All too often,Continue reading “Win More Interior Design Clients: Talk their Language”

Riding a bike with square wheels?

I took this photo on one of the numerous cycle paths that criss-cross a housing estate near my home. Why is this one cycle path marked by a symbol of a bike with square wheels? Why deviate from the instantly recognisable, and therefore quickly understood, cycle path symbol of a bike with round wheels? WeContinue reading “Riding a bike with square wheels?”