The Right Distractions

As workplace designers the end of the week, it can be tempting to look at the next couple of days as a chance to catch up on work. To get those things done we kept pushing aside as our workload rose, our clients, our boss asked for more. Don’t submit to temptation. Distract yourself, become completely absorbed in something other than work. Come back next week re-energised, reinvigorated, more productive, more creative

Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

What matters to us deep down, what’s fundamental to who we are? Many coaches use the term ‘core values’ to describe these drivers. At YourCoachApproach we use the term ‘motivators’ instead

If we don’t act in a way that is true to ourselves, then we are likely to be in conflict, unhappy, unfulfilled. Despite this, so often what we truly stand for, our motivators, is hidden from us

Miserable at Work?

Those who joined the interior design profession did so to express their creative passion. Yet, so many are unfulfilled and miserable at work. Why?

Often the cause of our misery is a clash between our company’s culture and core values and what really matters to us

Immersed Isolation

COVID cases are rising, and with it more social restrictions are looming. We are facing another 6 months of continued, increasing isolation. Dreaded by all; horrific for those living alone, with 4 or more kids, older (and so often vulnerable) people starved of contact with grandchildren

The approaching winter means I am going to be denied my isolation. Given everything that’s happening, how can it be that I’m going to miss being isolated?

It’ll Only Take a Minute….

It’ll Only Take a Minute….two hours later we’re still at it. It’s experienced by almost all us, all too often. It stems from our natural human tendency to be optimistic. This trait has no doubt given us great evolutionary advantages over the centuries. When it comes to time management, underestimation can be catastrophic: project delays, unhappy clients, stifled creativity, long hours, stress

Pause & Reflect

Do you want to get better? Then pause and reflect Back in my corporate days, I heard a presentation by a guest speaker on the value of reflection for growth and development. He could not understand why within companies reflection was so infrequent. Teams rarely get together more than once a week and individuals wereContinue reading “Pause & Reflect”