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A Little About Me and YourCoachApproach

How as a Business Coach I Make a Difference to Interior Designers

As a Business Coach, I make a difference to Interior Designers. Because I take complex situations and turn them into bite-size strategic ideas. And this can set you and your business apart. Whether you need to expand your interior design business. Or you aspire to strike out on your own. Maybe even work on you. So you’re sure about what you want, where you’re heading.

And I really believe I can help you achieve interior design business success because:

Picture of Andrew Brown provider of YourCoachApproach services which deliver interior design business growth
  • Like so many interior designers, I’ve built my business from the bottom up.
  • But it’s not my first venture. I’m also a founding director of a consultancy startup.
  • And I’ve been a director of a business support service company.
  • Experience gained as a strategic and operational leader during a 20+ year commercial career.
  • Added to which, I’ve got relevant qualifications. You can see them at the bottom of the page.

But more than all of that, because I’m passionate about what I do. And about helping you make you and your business successful.

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Not Only a Business Coach for Interior Designers

Like all of us, I’m not only a professional. There’s more to me than that:

Image of Andrew Brown, founder of YourCoachApproach and interior designer business coach with his family

First and foremost, I’m a husband of 12 years to Rebekah. And a working dad. To Grace (9) and Ethan (7) in the photo.

It was taken on the last day of the summer hols. They’re smiling because they’re in their favourite restaurant. I’m smiling because my daily 6 hours of peace and quiet is about to return!

Below I share more about me. My history, my motivations. And what I do for fun. More specifically, I’ll talk about what led me to start YourCoachApproach. And answer the regularly asked question, ‘Why interior designers?’

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My Life Outside Being a Business Coach for Interior Designers

There are 3 themes to my personal life: family, travel, and sport. Click on the image and head to the YourCoachApproach LinkedIn page to discover more about each theme.

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What Led Me to Become a Business Coach for Interior Designers

It was a journey of three stages. My corporate career before it all began, and the realisation it was no longer right for me. A period of self-reflection. And a light bulb moment. Intrigued? Then click on each image to find out more.

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The Personality and Ethos of YourCoachApproach

As YourCoachApproach is only me, its personality and ethos comes from me. So, YourCoachApproach reflects what’s core to me. Its values are my values. And as before, click on the images to reveal more.

Let’s get you moving forward.

Design business insights from UK interior design business coach, Andrew Brown
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