Legal Agreements with UK Interior Designers

Legal Agreements: Our Promise to UK Interior Designers

A photo of Andrew Brown, Business Coach explaining the Legal Agreements that YourCoachApproach can provide to UK Interior Designers

At YourCoachApproach, we keep things simple. And that way of doing things extends to the legal agreements we offer UK interior designers. That means we avoid complex legal terms. Wherever and whenever we can.

Scroll down, and find out what I mean.

Do you want to set up your own UK interior design business?

You don’t need to be a client before we make a commitment to you.

Image of a moral compass to illustrate how YourCoachApproach always acts with integrity towards their UK interior design clients by having Legal Agreements available UK Interior Designers before they become clients

We hold integrity in high regard. And how we define integrity: even if no one is watching, we behave in the same way.

Take a look at how we uphold our integrity through our Code of Ethics, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Do you want your studio to head in a new direction?

Do you want YourCoachApproach to help your UK Interior Design business evolve? Then read our easy-language paperwork as part of your research.

Image of a legal stamp to illustrate YourCoachApproach’s straightforward and professional approach to giving UK interior design industry advice as shown in simple Legal Agreements given to UK Interior Designers

We didn’t create the Outsource Business Director Service Legal Agreement to catch UK interior designers out. In fact, just the opposite. Our commitment to simple language is so strong, we didn’t use lawyers!

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Our Coaching Agreement for UK Interior Design Clients

Don’t let the word ‘agreement’ give you a false impression. It isn’t a stuffy, long-winded, legal document.

Image of a pen writing a signature to illustrate how YourCoachApproach engagement approach gives UK interior design clients assurance through Legal Agreements for UK Interior Designers

Quite the reverse! Our Coaching Agreement helps you along the interior designer business coaching journey. Because it describes in simple terms how we’ll work together. And how you’ll progress.

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Do you want your interior design studio to grow? Or do you want to develop as an interior design business owner?

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