Take a Step Back

For workplace interior designers there’s so much to do, so much bad news, it’s easy for our heads to spin. And a spinning head is no help we we’re already in a tough situation. It becomes harder and harder to concentrate, we make more mistakes, we lose perspective, anger and panic starts to rise. And then comes stress. The great news is it just takes just one step to slow our racing minds and get hold of it all again; start a journal

Beat WFH Isolation

The media is filled with speculation of increased local restrictions and talk of another stay-at-home order. Home working is likely to continue for many, even increase for some. Many of us have benefited from the new world flexible working arrangements. For other others, this way of working comes with a very negative feeling: isolation HowContinue reading “Beat WFH Isolation”

Riding a bike with square wheels?

I took this photo on one of the numerous cycle paths that criss-cross a housing estate near my home. Why is this one cycle path marked by a symbol of a bike with square wheels? Why deviate from the instantly recognisable, and therefore quickly understood, cycle path symbol of a bike with round wheels? WeContinue reading “Riding a bike with square wheels?”