Interior Design Business Tips and Tricks

Interior Design Business Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed

FREE tips and tricks for interior design business owners (or perspective owners). To help you achieve interior design business success.

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Image of Kubler-Ross Acceptance Curve. Great tip for managing difficult interior design clients
  • Dr. Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross created the Acceptance Curve to explain the grieving process.
  • It’s been adopted by change managers world-wide to help with organisational change.
  • Knowledge of the acceptance process is a great help when managing interior design clients.
  • Click on the pic for a free download (no email required!).

Develop your interior design client management skills.

Image of an Ease-Benefit Matrix. A great trick to help you see the wood for the trees in your interior design business
  • Getting overwhelmed running your business and doing all the interior design?
  • This is a great tool if you can’t do it all, but you don’t know what to stop.
  • The Ease-Benefit Matrix can help you see the wood for the trees.
  • Click on the pic for a free download (no email required!).

Understand what’s truly important for your business.

Image of YourCoachApproach Mind Monitor. A great tool for interior design business owners to spot their stress triggers
  • Do you have a habit of letting things build up? And before you know it, it’s all too much?
  • This tool helps you identify and observe what triggers your stress and overwhelm.
  • The YourCoachApproach Mind Monitor can give you the early warning you need.
  • Click on the pic for a free download (no email required!).

A sounding board for your business ideas. And worries.

Image of a lady in a seated yoga position to illustrate that understanding your core values is important for your design journey
  • What was it that led you to become an interior designer?
  • Is a career in corporate design right for you? Or should you start your own business?
  • Use the YourCoachApproach Core Values List to discover what motivates you.
  • Click on the pic for a free download (no email required!).

Deliver results for your UK Interior Design Studio

Image of a UK Interior Design Studio within a continous improvement circle to illustrate that Agile Project Management is great a tip to take your business to the next level
  • Frustrated with how long it takes to see business results.
  • Project management that’s suited to the ever-changing business environment.
  • Work in a way that delivers results quickly.
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