Embrace Change

Workplace interior designers, grasp the opportunity, embrace change

Embrace change; it’s something we all fail to do from time-to-time. Especially, when we are faced with huge change. And why should we just change things? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Even when faced with inevitable change, we can still resist it; ‘It won’t last’, ‘It’ll all go back to normal soon‘. Right now, this sentiment has never been so pertinent

Why Don’t We Embrace Change?

We all know that we need to embrace change, so we develop, progress, do better. By not embracing change we are held back. So why do we resist?

Because there is so much going on. To carry on with things in a way we know, we are comfortable with, just makes sense. Change requires us to identify what it is we need to change, accept we need to change, implement the change, get used to the change. All when we are flat out delivering to clients, meeting the demands of our boss

Types of Change

Change can be classified into two groups: continuous change and complete change. We are more comfortable with continuous change. Tweaks here and there. Change that results in small step-by-step improvements. Then there is complete change. Huge disruptions to the way we do things. Even the phrases to describe this type of change are loaded with fear: ‘starting again’, ‘going back to the drawing board’

Sometimes, just sometimes, complete change is what we need. It just takes the right opportunity to present itself

Is this the Opportunity?

Often the opportunity comes when we are stopped in our tracks, unable to continue as we were. For many, COVID19 has done just that. Within my own network I’ve seen opportunities grasped. For instance, an electrician who launched a top-end garden pod business; his order book is full until April 2021. A video production partnership who have become Europe’s largest reseller of portable teleprompters (or as I call them, ‘autocues’)

COVID19 has had a huge impact on the workplace design sector; businesses and corporate real estate uncertain of the way forward. As a result, cancelled orders, architecture and design practices struggling, redundancies

Are there opportunities for designers wrapped up in the uncertainty and misery? Practitioners of workplace design know that professional co-working spaces need more than great ambiance and branding. The science of ergonomics and illumination are huge factors too. The home office is a different space to the home study. Can technology be harnessed to deliver workplace design to the ever growing work-from-home population?

Big Change, Big Opportunity

Sometimes we need a big shift in circumstances, something that stops us in our tracks, to take the opportunity to embrace change. How many of us can use COVID19 as a chance to strike out in a new, exciting direction that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred to us?

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