De-bunking the ‘Be Everywhere’ Social Media Myth

Many interior designers find themselves understandably confused by conflicting advice when it comes to which social media platforms they should be on. Should they ‘be everywhere, all the time’, to try to capture all the potential clients’ attention, or should they stick to only the ‘best’ platform? Which one is ‘best’ to be on? ManyContinue reading “De-bunking the ‘Be Everywhere’ Social Media Myth”

Why You Need a Website for Interior Design Success

Let’s ask a different question before we tackle why your interior design firm needs a website to achieve success. Does your interior design firm need an online presence? If you want more clients, then yes. If you want your business to succeed beyond the next 5 years, then yes again. Even before COVID, UK onlineContinue reading “Why You Need a Website for Interior Design Success”

Interior Design Marketing Success

Interior design marketing success is like building a house. We need to get it right from the bottom up. That’s to say, we need solid foundations. Otherwise, just like a house, our marketing strategy will crumble and fall. As interior designers, we know full well that a strong base leads to a stable structure. Yet,Continue reading “Interior Design Marketing Success”